The Warrior Football Foundation and Endowment Fund is quite simply an idea whose time has come.

For decades, Universities, Public Charities, and Non Profit causes around the world have implemented the strategies that secure their legacies and perpetuate their existence well into the future. The Warrior Football Foundation is a non-profit entity that is qualified for tax-exempt status, under IRC sections 501(c)(3), 501(j)(1), and 501(j)(2) as a Qualified Amateur Sports Organization. Through the generosity of friends and supporters of Westlake High School football, the Warrior Football Foundation and Endowment Fund will assure that Warrior Football has the capacity to meet and excel in the world of highly competitive demands that come with a nationally-ranked amateur sports program.


The Foundation will:

Provide for the promulgation of official rules and standards of play;

Facilitate the organization of inter-team competition;

Promote and advertise the sport of Westlake High School Warrior Football; and

Provide for proper instruction, athletic equipment and facilities.

Support of the Warrior Football Foundation will not only meet the IRS requirement for fostering amateur sports competition but it will also allow the program to maintain top-notch facilities, equipment and instruction that will enable it to compete and prepare its student athletes for competition at the highest national levels and to secure their place in top-ranked collegiate programs across the country. The Warrior Football Foundation is NOT a booster or alumni club. Instead, the Foundation and its Endowment Fund are designed to support and fulfill the long term needs of the program, as described above, and assure its perpetual existence.



Donor Levels

  • Warrior Family: $5000+
  • “W” Circle: $2000-$4999
  • Champions Circle: $1000-$1999
  • Blue Circle: $500-$999
  • Orange Circle: $100-$499
  • Warrior Pride: $1-$99


1. Warrior Football Endowment Fund.

You have the power to help safeguard the future of Warrior Football. By making an endowed gift, you create a source of support that will continue as long as Warrior Football exists. Your gift is an investment in the program’s future, helping Warrior Football to grow and thrive for years to come. The principal amount of an endowed fund is never spent; instead, it is invested, and each year, a portion of the return on investment is spent in support of Warrior Football. The remainder is added to the invested principal, thus maintaining the original buying power of the gift in perpetuity.

2. Scholarships.

A scholarship may be named to memorialize a deceased family member or friend, or to honor a living family member(s), alumnus or friend. It may also be named for a teacher, corporation or organization. The interest earned on the invested principal provides tuition scholarships to our football student-athletes fostering their ability to compete at the next level of national competition and furthering their goals of securing a college education. Endowed Scholarships are named by the person(s) who establish the fund. The recommended base gift for the establishment of a scholarship fund is a minimum of $10,000.